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Barias Pickles from

  Place of Origin Something that no one can disagree is the fact that India has a rich heritage that beautifully seeps into the foods that we’ve always been proud about. Our culture and tradition, though different in each corner of the country, has its roots connected with a few major customs in which food play a pivotal role. But in the world of modernisation, we’re rarely lucky enough to spot eatables dished out the traditional way our ancestors used to enjoy. Not to mention the fact that each place is famous for something and finding a shop that gives us a taste of everything that our country as a whole has to offer sounds like a miracle. But guess what? Miracles do happen. Place of Origin is a website that does exactly what the name says, delivering the long lost, forgotten treasures that our grannies and granddads cherished. Their objective is to bring online all those special foods that we crave the most and that are difficult to find locally. In their site, they offer the finest


After the critically acclaimed Cuckoo, Raju Murugan is back with a realistic take on the current state of affairs of our society in the form of Joker . Dream Warrior Pictures has bankrolled this project that stars Guru Somasundaram, who won our hearts with his performance in Aaranya Kaandam, Pandiya Naadu and Jigarthanda . The rest of the cast includes Ramya Pandian, Gayathri Krishna and others who look  fresh to Tamil cinema. Guru and co carry out several comical and ludicrous protests in an aim to stand up for social issues which in turn gives a hard time for the government employees and cops. Even without the support of others and with only a strong belief towards the judiciary system, the odd group do their best in sorting out the sad state of affairs. But they’re only looked as ‘jokers’ and rarely are their actions rewarded. The backstory reveals the reason for why Guru loses his day job and sacrifices himself to the service of common folks. But will a single man’s protest mean a