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Ride 6 - Yercaud

With 2017 starting with our longest ride yet in the form of  BOBMC 2017 Kundapura, Karnataka , we decided to take a short trip nearby and that’s when we sat to discuss. After running by a few names which are known for to be just a few hours from Chennai, we decided on Yercaud. One of the closest hill stations from our city, Yercaud is one of those developing hills that’s yet to get the surplus tourist crowd. I’ve been here already and I’ll write a blog on it soon too. Itinerary As always, we couldn’t just head from Point A to Point B, can we? 😛 Being a gang of foodies, we had planned on touching the famous UBM Mess in Perundurai which is not just past our destination Yercaud but also past Salem and Erode. The things we do for good food! So post lunch, we headed back on the same route before taking a detour near Salem and climbing up Yercaud. What’s new This time it was more of a cosmetic change to the machine rather than an actual investment. I replaced the headlight casing with a met

Sandakozhi 2

Cast: Vishal, Rajkiran, Keerthy Suresh, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Director: Lingusamy  Sequels in Tamil cinema seems to be the fad and what the underwhelming history has proven is that sequels are an easier bet when compared to a fresh script, especially if an actor or a director is in dire need of a hit. Considering Vishal’s last film Irumbu Thirai is his most successful yet, it’s no surprise that Sandakozhi 2 is more of a comeback to its director Lingusamy, whose last film four years backs, Anjaan , was nothing short of a fiasco. As someone who loves it focus on a few details, I tend to compare how many years have passed in a sequel film since its original film to real time. Though the original Sandakozhi came out in 2005, in Sandakozhi 2, it’s only been seven years since the incidents of the first part. Nothing much has changed in the lives of Balu (Vishal) and Durai Ayya (Rajkiran) apart from Balu’s girlfriend from the original film, not being a part of his life anymore for reasons

Vada Chennai

Cast: Dhanush, Aishwarya Rajesh, Samuthirakani, Ameer, Andrea, Daniel Balaji, Kishore, Radha Ravi Director: Vetri Maran A game of carrom is all fun until you pocket the red coin. Immediately, you’re put into a spot where you’re forced to pocket another coin, that too one of yours and that’s when the pressure gets real. You got to nail it, as failing to do so will give your opponent an opportunity. That’s the story of Vada Chennai’s Anbu (Dhanush), an aspiring carrom board player, whose unintentional moves get him from the plain flat regular life into the webbed underworld that’s so unpredictable that you might not even know which direction you’ll fall in. Vada Chennai , though fresh with its treatment and content, does remind you a little of director Vetri Maran’s previous films as well as Dhanush’s first gangster film, Puthupettai , which became a cult classic over the years. Apart from different factions doing what it takes to bring the other side down, there’s the politics within t


Director: Ruben Fleischer Cast: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed With phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe drawing to a close, the studio seems to be having its best time ever with their tried and tested characters such as the Avengers as well as new ones like Black Panther, all of which are setting the cash registers ringing. But the same can’t be said about Marvel characters owned by other studios. 20th Century Fox’s  Fantastic Four  (2015) was a catastrophe and after the below-par  X-Men: Apocalypse , it was the  Deadpool  series and  Logan  that bought them back on track. On the other hand, we’ve got Sony Pictures who messed up the Spider-Man franchise (Andrew Garfield’s  Amazing Spiderman  series) only to collaborate once again with Marvel to give us the Tom Holland starrer  Spider-Man: Homecoming  which is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe unlike Sony’s other Spider-Man based characters such as Venom. So considering how the Tom Hardy starrer  Venom  – the sto