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Ride 7 - Madurai

With 2017 coming to an end with not many rides as I intended to do, I was waiting for a chance to get back on the saddle. Thankfully, that opportunity came in form of a fellow rider’s wedding held in Madurai. Another biker friend and I thought of doing it as a ride and that’s how the first ride of 2018 happened. Ironically, being one of the most important cities in Tamilnadu, and considering the fact that I’ve been to almost every district in the state, Madurai is one city that I’ve never been to and thanks to this ride, that’s another box ticked in the checklist. Itinerary Well, technically, our destination wasn’t the Madurai city but a nearby town called Aruppukottai which is past Madurai. But the groom planned it in such a way that we’ll stay in Madurai on 16th Feb 2018, a day before the reception, so that I can go around the city as well. So he had booked a room for the two of us in Madurai for one night and another room in Aruppukottai the next day so we can see the reception and