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Disappointing Tamil films of 2018

Just as always, 2018 too had its fair share of good and bad films. While an article on good films is obviously due and almost everyone with an internet connection is anyway doing it, how about a list of the 10 most disappointing Tamil films of the year? PS:  Of course there were terrible low budget films as always but I’m sticking to 10 films which had known and bankable stars who are known for delivering decent films. Also, kindly note that these films are in the order in which they released this year. Gulaebaghavali On paper,  Gulaebaghavali must’ve sounded like an interesting gangster comedy film but on screen, that’s not what we saw. What we got was a film that tested our patience with silly humour, bad acting and a terrible screenplay. What makes me sad was how they wasted a talent like Revathi and that too by naming her Maasha and making it look like this film happens in the same universe as the 1990’s brilliant comedy flick Arangetra Velai.  Sketch 2018’s Pongal was easily the

Top 15 Tamil songs of 2018

Despite songs not getting their due they like they used to before, Kollywood is still managing to churn out some ear-pleasing tracks each year and 2018 hasn’t been different either. As the year comes to an end, here are some of the tracks that won our hearts and made their respective films even better. PS:  There are many albums where there is more than one song which is worthy enough of getting a spot in this list, so we’re restricting one song per album (which will be more of a favourite pick). Kindly note that we’re not ranking these songs and they’re numbered in the order in which their respective films released. Kannave Kannave Film: Sketch Singer: Vikram Lyrics: Vijay Chandar Music: Thaman Kannave Kannave captures the emotions of a local man who falls for a girl. The ‘localness’ is signified in the lyrics and Vikram even makes the lines act when it comes out of this mouth. Colourful and beautiful, this song is a lovely melody, made only better by the actor giving a glimpse of hi

Adanga Maru

Cast: Jayam Ravi, Raashi Khanna, Sampath, Azhagam Perumal, Munishkanth Director: Karthik Thangavel What’s the similarity between Honest Raj, Kaakha Kaakha, Sathriyan, Saamy and Theri ? Apart from being cop films, they’re also stories of a man who does what he’s paid for only to get his near and dear ones killed as repercussions. Jayam Ravi starrer Adanga Maru too is a film etched out of the same template and considering we know how the film is going to wrap up, it’s the treatment that the screenplay gets which makes Adanga Maru an intriguing watch. Once again, apart from the obvious reason that Jayam Ravi dons the khaki in both the films, Adanga Maru also would remind you of Thani Oruvan. For starters, he’s dishing out justice in style, under disguise. In one scene, he rolls up the window of his car trapping the head of a minister’s son. And that’s one of the many instances shown to prove how Subash (Jayam Ravi) would go to any lengths to serve that justice. In one revealing excha


Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Archana, Moulee, Sunil Reddy Director: Balaji Tharaneetharan It’s not every day we, as the audience, get to see an actor’s landmark film. If that’s a blue moon occurrence, imagine one of the most sought-after actor playing an old man in his 25th film, in which, he only appears for 40 minutes. That’s what Seethakaathi is — a film that sees artistic talent as a sort of energy — something that can neither be created nor destroyed but only be transferred from one to another. Speaking about art, Seethakaathi’s underlying story throws light at the dwindling state of theatre arts in our country and the majority of the first half implies it by showing us the trials and tribulations of septuagenarian theatre veteran Ayya Aadhimoolam (Vijay Sethupathi). Apart from personal life problems, the man’s professional life is also riddled with issues, predominantly for how theatre dramas just don’t get the recognition it once used to get. Director Balaji, who bowled us over wit