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The moment a golden lion pounces over Roman numerals I, II and sits majestically on top of III in the title card, one would know that unlike Singam 2 , Si3 is going to be an even better continuation of Duraisingam’s hunting spree timeline. After a number of postponements in the release date, Suriya – Hari’s hit combo has once again set the screen on fire with Si3 . How did the film fare? Read on. After making his mark in Tamilnadu, the state of Andhra needs our top cop to solve the mystery of a high police official. When Duraisingam gets on with what he does the best, he finds himself in a pit of troubles which is deeper than he previously anticipated. With the bigger picture threatening the country on a whole new level, Singam, as always, will have to save our land single-handedly with bureaucracy, red-tapism and even state border issues weighing him down. How does Singam manage to pull it off once again is the story of Si3 . Without an iota of doubt, it’s Suriya who carries the film

When I Visited A Brothel

Please note:- While you’re more than welcome to judge me, kindly refrain from reading further if you’re someone who gets offended easily or are underage. Though I know that if you’re reading this sentence you’re going to read the rest of it below no matter what. Stating this is my responsibility and I’ve done it. And while we’re at it, don’t expect this post to have a climax (no double meaning intended) as this isn’t a story but just another experience that I believe is worth sharing. There are somethings you don’t want the world to know and there a few things you want to surprise the world with on how some random things can happen at the weirdest of places. So here is one such story that only the closest of my friends know, that involves two of my other friends who, if they end up reading this, would even go to the lengths of killing me. (Macha, sorry da, had to say this to the world). Date:  Saturday night, Winter of 2012 Time:  Late night at around 12-ish Location:  In the streets o