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Magalir Mattum

Director: Bramma Cast: Jyotika, Bhanupriya, Urvashi, Saranya Ponvannan, Nasser, Livingstone It’s not common to see a women-centric film that doesn’t show all its men in a bad light and Magalir Mattum , though is a story of a friendship between three women, has its fair share of good, bad and ugly men. In the very first scene, as Jyotika and her mother-in-law, the ever amazing Urvashi, send off the only ‘man’ in their family, they wait for his flight to take off on the adjacent highway. As the lady from the previous generation, Urvashi tries to peep as high as possible over the airport wall to see the pacing flight. On the other hand, Jo, who represents the current people, climbs on top of their cab to get a better view. The director Bramma establishes what the film is about in the first 2 minutes and though the rest of the film is a predictable flow of ups and downs one would expect in a feel-good film, the director has sprinkled a liberal dose of his ‘touch’ which makes  Magalir Mat


Director: Mysskin Cast:  Vishal, Prasanna, Vinay, Anu Emmanuel, Andrea Jeremiah, Simran, John Vijay, K. Bhagyaraj When the promotional material of  Thupparivaalan released, it was often compared with and even ridiculed for its similarity with the Sherlock Holmes series. While I expected Mysskin to cover his tracks with some brilliant tricks, I should say, I was flabbergasted to find him use it to his advantage. He even starts the film with a dedication to Sherlock Holmes and its creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. An old fear surfaced along with it as the last time he dedicated a film to a legend (Bruce Lee), it didn’t go well for him (the infamous Mugamoodi). Thupparivaalan  follows the trials and tribulations of the detective duo Kaniyan Poongundran and Mano. The character sketches of them are etched from Holmes and his trusty sidekick Watson. While the former is a hyperactive, restless, puzzle cracking genius, the other is a humble friend who, along with the audience, wonders what the