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Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai

The Courtallam Border Rahmath shop is one of the most famous eateries in Courtallam and it’s definitely a foodie’s dream come true to find a branch of it in our Chennai. They’re finally here and their first few days have been excruciating. Food forums in social media platforms slammed them for their service and most of the reviews I saw were negative. Though I haven’t tried their original restaurant, I was more than eager to try this branch. Given below is my take on Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai, T Nagar. The Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai is located in GN Chetty Road. It is exactly opposite to Murugan Idly kadai. There is ample car parking space and it’s manned too. There isn’t much to talk about as far as décor is concerned. It’s a two floored restaurant and we decided to occupy the top one. The reused grimy looking air conditioners does look out of place as the rest of the restaurant looks sparking clean. On a Thursday evening it was pretty astonishing to see a restaurant comple

Wild Tribe Ranch

Date: 11th March 2016 Address:  #451A, East Coast Road, Nemmeli Village, Thiruporur Post, Kanchipuram Dist – 603104, Opening Hours: Weekdays – 11 am – 7 pm Weekends & Public Holidays – 10 am – 8 pm Weekly Holiday – Tuesday Being active has become the numero uno priority for most of us as our food and lifestyle has changed a number of things in our life and they aren’t positive. We’ve replaced arduous and laborious work with white collar jobs within cabins and kids these days have opted the playstation controller over cricket bats and football. They end up playing World Cup or Fifa 16 in that playstation which is the biggest irony. Adventure parks are a craze all around the globe, especially in USA and the UK. During my tenure in the UK , I was lucky enough to try Go Ape , which was a wonderful experience. It got me in touch with my inner Tarzan (Trust me, everyone has one). Adventure parks have taken it’s sweet time to reach the shores of Chennai and I’m glad it finally did. I wa

When I saved a life, well... Kinda !!!

There are some instances where you do things worth showing off and there are things that are even better and you just keep it to yourself. It’s been a while since I started this blog and I just realised that I had nothing under my ‘Penned thoughts’ section. After deeply thinking about what to write as the first post for this section (for about 5 seconds), I thought of writing this incident. Date:  Winter of 2011 Time: Early morning at around 7-ish Location: Co-Operative Foods, Canning Town, London It’s been year number four in London and after working my ass off for the last three years as a part timer thanks to my studies, I’ve finally started working full time. Climbing the hierarchy of a firm isn’t simple but out of nowhere I was now the acting dept. manager for my shop. Long story short, it meant that I had to get the lazy me, out of my bed by 4:30 am while others snuggle their partners tight in the context of chillness (I had my humble heater as a replacement for that but that’s

Meena Tai's

My command over the cuisines of India was something I felt proud of, then I got into the subcategories of North Indian Cuisine. That’s when I realised that what I learnt is a drop in front of an ocean of information that’s just waiting to be conquered. So while I was waiting for a prospect to quench my thirst (Pun intended) me and a couple of my foodie friends were invited to a meet at Meena Tai’s restaurant. Another gang of friends who were lucky enough to try them before me gave quite a positive review and their Maharashtrian cuisine was something I was looking forward to try. Given below is my take on Meena Tai’s Alwarpet. Location & Parking Meena Tai’s is located in Venus Colony, Alwarpet. It’s next to Tangerine. There is ample car parking space and it’s manned to help us with the parking effortlessly. Meena Tai’s shares the building with another restaurant called Batlivala & Khanabhoy which specialises in Parsi cuisine. It is owned by the same management who will also be b

Brew Room, ECR

Brew Room has always been one of the very few premium cafes of our town that dishes out some seriously good beverages, cakes and finger food. Unsurprisingly, it’s also one of my favourites, especially, the one in Hotel Savera which is a spot I frequent at least once a fortnight. If that branch is known for it’s elegant crowd and it’s share of hustling and bustling, the one in Besant Nagar is known for it’s serenity and a sense of desolation. They’ve opened their latest branch in ECR, a stretch of land that deserved a decent cafe for years now. A couple of foodie friends and I were invited for their Pizza fest (yes, I guess this is probably the only Brew Room with a stone baked oven) and this review is based on the experience. Location & Ambience The ECR branch of Brew Room is located in Uthandi, right before the Uthandi toll booth. Brew Room shares it’s space with The Farmhouse Restaurant ( Click here to read a review on The Farmhouse). There is ample car parking space which is ma

Downtown Cafe

  Downtown cafe had been a place I longed to go for a while and it finally happened in the form of a bloggers meet to which I was invited. Cafes have become a norm in our city these days but I always wanted Besant Nagar to have a cafe that hasn’t ruined it’s name with hundreds of branches and a place where a person can unwind, chilax and have some good food. If that’s what a cafe is meant to do, then Bessy wasn’t having much choices. Location & Ambience Downtown is located off Annai Velankanni Road, right behind Brew Room and Karaikudi. Since I’ve seen it a couple of times, it wasn’t hard to spot them. There is decent car parking space and quite abundant two wheeler parking space too. Dark wood panels with the logo welcomed us at the entrance which led to another dark wood door that bore the logo on its glass panel. Once inside the ambience and décor is very subtle yet elegant. A couple of light bulbs hangs from the ceiling lights up the woody decor. The furnitures are classy and d