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Grand by GRT Hotels, T Nagar, Chennai


GRT Hotels and my family have a connection that dates back by a minimum of 1.5 decades. Being our go-to place for special days such as birthdays, it was shocking when I got to know that they took a bad hit during the Chennai floods of December 2015. But they got back in no time and from what it looks like, they’re better than ever. I had an amazing opportunity to try them post the renovation works and I was awestruck. They’ve completely revamped the hotel and the place looks amazing. I stayed here for a night and I got to try their two restaurants Bazaar and J Hind as well as their Bodhi spa. Given below is my take on Grand by GRT Hotels, T Nagar, Chennai.

Location & Parking

Situated in the bustling Sir Thyagaraja Road in the ever busy T Nagar, it would be an understatement if we say that GRT has got one of the best spots for a hotel. Thanks for the fact that GRT has stood her for 18 years, it has become a landmark of this area. Unsurprisingly they have valet parking and surprisingly they’re quick. Even with the parking in basement, they took very little time in getting back my car when compared to the time frame other star hotel valets take.

Reception & Lobby

Grand by GRT Chennai Review (18)

Past the security checks and the glass fronted facade, I was greeted at the entrance to a subtle looking reception. After a wave of nostalgia, my eyes scanned the lobby as the rest of me was busy with the check in procedures. Right behind the reception is the seating area which had cream coloured couches on contrast chocolate brown carpets. When seen from above, the furniture looks like blocks from Tetris. Right behind it is the new restaurant Bazaar which has replaced Any Time and to the left is Steam & Whistles, a three level pub (with a secret club at the lower level) that resembles the era of steam engines. This is where the old High Time used to be. Right next to the pub is J Hind, another restaurant. At the far end corner are the elevators that takes us to the rooms. As in most hotels, the room’s entry card has to be swiped to access the lifts.


Grand by GRT Hotels have five different categories of rooms ranging from Business Class rooms to Serene Room, Grand Club, Theme Suite and Deluxe Suite. I was given the Grand Club room.

Grand by GRT Chennai Review (2)

A narrow corridor with lit cupboards and locker widened past the bathroom door to a super spacious room. The first few words that I can think of the moment I walked in were simple, elegant and comfortable, something any traveller would love to enjoy after a tiring day of sight-seeing or even worse, a long flights and a longer jet lag. One of the many things that made them stand apart was the quantity of quick fix munchies they provide. Apart from a decently stacked up mini-fridge, they had a fruit bowl along with pistachios and dry grapes on the main table. The desk above the fridge had a range of goodies from biscuits to crisps and cashews. There was a kettle along with the regular array of hot drink essentials.

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When it comes to travelling, bathrooms have always been a major concern, especially for those with families. And what’s more important in a bathroom is cleanliness rather than state of the art ceramics or a plethora of toiletries. But GRT has them both sorted out. The bathroom was sparkling and was loaded with goodies.

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Getting to the bedside, a simplified lighting system’s control are aptly kept next to the bed. It helps in controlling the room’s lighting according to the mood and need of the customer. On the other side of the bed is the humble telephone. Unsurprisingly the beds were super soft and comfy. For someone travelling solo, four huge pillows were just too many and one was more than enough to provide the perfect support for a well deserved sleep. The further end has a glass wall protected by two layers of curtains.

I also got to try their Bodhi Spa where I opted for a full body massage which went on for 60 minutes. The masseur was excellent with the service and made me feel at ease. The bathroom facilities at the spa too matched the level of cleanliness and was packed with goodies similar to the rooms.

Here’s the list of services their spa provides.

Service was very personalised and didn’t feel too professional which is exactly the way I love. The check in and check out procedures were smooth and right from the valet parking chap to the manager with whom I got to converse, all were hospitable and approachable.

Overall, it was a lovely experience to check out Grand by GRT Hotels. It’s definitely one of the best hotels in town and with many highlights such as its location and the amazing restaurants they have, it’s a place I’d personally recommend.

Address:- Grand by GRT Hotels, 120, Sir Thyagaraya Road, T. Nagar, Chennai
Contact no.:- 1800 425 55 00


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